Monday, June 25, 2007


ከሰው ሰው መረጠ
ራሱ ያልተመረጠ ,
ከራሱ የሸሸው
ርቆ ያመለጠ ::

ባይመርጥ ግሩም ነበር
ደርሶ ሊታይበት ,
ባይጓጓ ባይቆምጥ
አቤት ! ሊሰኝ አቤት !

ቢያውቅበት ቢመራው
ልቡ ቢታዘዘው
ለሹሩቤው እሱም
ብሩሹን ባነሳው ::

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ፊትሽ ለቀላዋ

ፊትሽ ለቀላዋ
በ(The Caliph Radhi Billah)
ሳይሽ ትክ ብዬ :-
ደርሶ ተለዋጩ :- ጉንጬ ክው አለ
ደንዝዤ እንዳለሁ :-
ቅላት ፊትሽን ሲወር :- በእኔ ተስተዋለ

እኔው እሆን ላኪው :-
ለምንድነው ከቶ :- ይሄ ለውጥ የሆነ
የቀለማት ጅረት :-
ከልቤ ፈትልኮ :- ፊትሽን የሸፈነ ::

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Trademark Dispute (Starbucks and Ethiopia ) Over

Starbucks and Ethiopia have finalized an agreement that ends their trademark dispute and brings both sides together in partnership to help Ethiopian farmers. This agreement has the potential to give these farmers a fair share of the profits for their world-renowned coffees, and it’s what Oxfam has been pushing for since November.

More than 96,000 of our supporters around the world helped make this happen. Your emails, faxes, phone calls, postcards, and even in-person visits to Starbucks added strength to the call of Ethiopian farmers and brought global attention to this issue.

Because of your actions, Ethiopian coffee farmers have chance at a better life.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

ወየት አለ አላችሁ ? woýet ále álachoo?

ልቡ ጮራን ሆኖ
ለሁሉ የበራ

ሰናየ ምግባሩ
ሁሉን የሚያኮራ

ለሆዱ ያላደረ
ህሊናው የፀዳ

አደባባይ መላክ
እኩይ ያልሆነ ጓዳread

Jun 15, 5:07 PM EDT

Defar breaks women's 5,000 world record

OSLO, Norway (AP) -- Meseret Defar of Ethiopia broke her own women's world record in the 5,000 meters Friday by finishing in 14 minutes, 16.63 seconds at the Bislett Games, the opening meet in the Golden League.

The 23-year-old set the previous mark of 14:24.53 in New York last year.

In the men's 100, world record-holder Asafa Powell led throughout to win in 9.94 seconds under sunny skies and with a slight tail wind.

Vivian Cheruiyot was second to Defar in 14:22.51 and fellow Kenyan Jepleting Prisca Ngetich was third in 14:44.51.

"Everything was perfect today," Defar said. "I knew I could break the record after two kilometers. The pacemaker was great, and it was not a problem to continue with the pace alone because I've trained hard in the past few weeks."

Defar and the other front-runners were below world record pace the entire race. At the 2,000 mark, the leaders were five seconds faster, and at 3,000 more than seven seconds inside.

"I did not expect it could be so good," she said. "It's all due to my hard training and my health is great. I think I can even improve my time."

Defar's world record was the 53rd set at Bislett Stadium since 1924, and the first since the venue was rebuilt three years ago.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Teddy Afro, the New Reggae God of Ethiopia

Teddy Afro, the New Reggae God of Ethiopia
by Banning Eyre
listen--npr all things consider
All Things Considered, June 7, 2007 · Though the late Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie was considered a god by Rastafarians, in Bob Marley's day, reggae music wasn't popular in Ethiopia. Now, though, reggae is huge in the East African nation, and there's no bigger star than Teddy Afro.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Ethiopia Saluting the Colors.

( By Walt Whitman )
WHO are you, dusky woman, so ancient, hardly human,
With your woolly-white and turban’d head, and bare bony feet?
Why, rising by the roadside here, do you the colors greet?

(’Tis while our army lines Carolina’s sand and pines,
Forth from thy hovel door, thou, Ethiopia, com’st to me,
As, under doughty Sherman, I march toward the sea.)

Me, master, years a hundred, since from my parents sunder’d,
A little child, they caught me as the savage beast is caught;
Then hither me, across the sea, the cruel slaver brought.

No further does she say, but lingering all the day,
Her high-borne turban’d head she wags, and rolls her darkling eye,
And curtseys to the regiments, the guidons moving by.

What is it, fateful woman—so blear, hardly human?
Why wag your head, with turban bound—yellow, red and green?
Are the things so strange and marvelous, you see or have seen?