Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ode to Ethiopia.

(By Paul Laurence Dunbar)

O MOTHER Race! to thee I bring
This pledge of faith unwavering,
This tribute to thy glory.
I know the pangs which thou didst feel,
When Slavery crushed thee with its heel,
With thy dear blood all gory.

Sad days were those--ah, sad indeed!
But through the land the fruitful seed
Of better times was growing.
The plant of freedom upward sprung,
And spread its leaves so fresh and young--
Its blossoms now are blowing.

On every hand in this fair land,
Proud Ethiope's swarthy children stand
Beside their fairer neighbor;
The forests flee before their stroke,
Their hammers ring, their forges smoke,--
They stir in honest labour.

They tread the fields where honour calls;
Their voices sound through senate halls
In majesty and power.
To right they cling; the hymns they sing
Up to the skies in beauty ring,
And bolder grow each hour.

Be proud, my Race, in mind and soul;
Thy name is writ on Glory's scroll
In characters of fire.
High 'mid the clouds of Fame's bright sky
Thy banner's blazoned folds now fly,
And truth shall lift them higher.

Thou hast the right to noble pride,
Whose spotless robes were purified
By blood's severe baptism.
Upon thy brow the cross was laid,
And labour's painful sweat-beads made
A consecrating chrism.

No other race, or white or black,
When bound as thou wert, to the rack,
So seldom stooped to grieving;
No other race, when free again,
Forgot the past and proved them men
So noble in forgiving.

Go on and up! Our souls and eyes
Shall follow thy continuous rise;
Our ears shall list thy story
From bards who from thy root shall spring,
And proudly tune their lyres to sing
Of Ethiopia's glory.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


(by B.Bellete)

Like twin clouds- her full moon eyes float
Examine cautiously for a perfect landing spot
Up and down her lips fled, Ah! What a plight!
Surreptitiously, teeth shine as in the sunny day light
Her breasts pointed to his sly heart as missile
Ready to dry the pool, if he crosses the isle
What a great lull
Love always rule.
His eyes engaged in search of passionless realm
Fixed at her bosom to run through the blood stream
To destroy the barriers block 'em up as a bar
He walked to finish off the silent war
Love submit to the lover
Whatever may the degree of honor.
Face to face, ear to mouth, and eye to eye
He’s got surrendered no way he ever to deny
Whispered softly, “do you have a minute?’
Breathed through her ears as aroma of Eden’s mint
Mysterious divinely art
Run vividly in lover’s heart.
The question made its way as lightening flush
The intense of its current formed a thunderbolt blush
Seeing red flood gushing over her majestic face
Vanished his equal less courage and became helpless.
Love submit to the lover
Whatever may the degree of honor.