Wednesday, March 14, 2007

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Ethio proverb that is not a joke

"When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.
Ethio Proverb

Naturally occurring spider silk is widely recognised as the strongest, toughest fibre known to man.
Spider's web is lighter and stronger than steel
Its tensile strength is greater than steel and it is 25 percent lighter than synthetic, petroleum-based polymers.
These qualities will allow BioSteel to be used in applications where strength and lightness are essential, such as aircraft, racing vehicles and bullet-proof clothing. BBC

Sunday, March 11, 2007

ትንሹ ሞቴ tnishu motee

ሥጋ -አዳሽ የየዕለቱ
ለዕልፍ ህዋሳቴ
ሲፈታ ሲገጥመኝ
ያ ትንሹ ሞቴ
ትንሹ ሞቴ tnishu motee

Ethiopian Related News....Ethiopia in contact with kidnappers

By Andrew Cawthorne

MEKELE, Ethiopia (Reuters) - Ethiopia said on Saturday it was in contact with an armed group that kidnapped five European and eight locals in a remote northern region -- but ruled out a military operation to rescue them.

The hostages were seized by an armed band nine days ago during a tour of the Afar, one of the hottest and most hostile terrains on earth, inhabited mainly by nomadic herders.

As well as eight Ethiopian translators, drivers and guides, the hostages include three British men, one Italian-British woman, and a French woman.

The five expatriates are all linked to the British Embassy in Ethiopia.Read more

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ethiopian Related News.........British team reach Ethiopia kidnap site

(by Aaron Maasho
Mon Mar 5, 11:44 AM ET)

HAMAD ELA (AFP) - Four British diplomats arrived Monday at the remote site in northeast Ethiopia where five Britons and 13 Ethiopians were abducted last week, as Britain reportedly prepared a commando rescue team.
The Britons -- all linked to Britain's embassy in Addis Ababa -- and their Ethiopian drivers and translators, were kidnapped last Thursday in the remote Afar desert region near the Eritrean border, according to the Ethiopian state news agency.

Four members of a crisis team from London arrived at the remote town of Hamad Ela, where they questioned local inhabitants and examined the carcasses of three burnt out cars, one of which was an off-road vehicle carrying diplomatic number plates.

One vehicle appeared to have been destroyed by an explosion while the two others were peppered with bullet holes.

British newspapers reported Monday that a group of elite Special Air Service (SAS) commandos had been readied for a possible rescue attempt.

Some 60 SAS troops have already been dispatched to neighbouring Djibouti, the British Daily Mirror reported Monday, while the Times talked of a "substantial" team and the Guardian said special forces were already in Ethiopia itself.......

Monday, March 05, 2007


(by â?¥ SoSickOfTearsâ?¥)

Wishing you could send them away
When they're driving you insane
Grubby little hands all over you
Sometimes causing you pain.

More trouble than they're worth
Always shouting and screaming
The house is a total mess
Please, let me be dreaming!

Always wanting something or other
Demanding undivided attention
Ranting in public places
Shouting things we wont mention!

People must be insane
To ever want their own kids
If mine continue acting this way
I'm gonna put them up for bids.

What a wonderful idea!
Rent a kid instead of having your own!
Then when they get to much to handle
Send them back before they're grown!

Mafresha.......Tesfaye Kassa

Tesfaye Kassa

Digging for The Truth.....the Ark of Covenant II

Thursday, March 01, 2007

ደስታ desta

ደስታ desta
እንደ ጉርሻ ማስጨነቅ
አመሉ የደስታዎች ደስታ
ያዘልል እንደልጅ
ዕንባም ያረግፍ መንታ ደስታ desta