Sunday, December 10, 2006

Colonel Abdissa Aga

I believe, my fifth grade text book had two
famous and inspiring short stories of Zerai
Deress & Abdissa Aga. Obviously, Most of us
have a glimpse of understanding about these
most important and highly respected Ethiopian
heroes. Now let's examine closely the most
fascinating achievements or actions of
Colonel Abdissa Aga, from the excellent
article of Dr. Fikere Tolassa.

Abdissa Aga

Colonel Abdissa Aga was born in Welega. His
father lost his temper and killed his own
brother when Abdissa was about 12 years old.
Though he went as far as Addis Ababa to
appeal for the release of his father, he was
executed. Sad and embittered, he joined the
Ethiopian Army around the age of 14 and
fought against Fascist Italy in 1936 in Ethiopia.
He was captured and imprisoned in.............More Abdissa Aga


Anonymous said...

Abdissa Aga is an extraordinary Oromo hero!!! words fall short to explain his acheivements.

Gadissa Oljira said...

yeaaaaaaaaah he is such man! and words cant explain his did!