Thursday, August 16, 2007

A 26-year-old Ethiopian student & a 55- years-old Russian woman

Tamara Pankova, 55, a blind champion of Olympic Games for disabled people from the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don married a 26-year-old Ethiopian student and says her husband is the most handsome man.

Tamara met the young man in a park where she walked with her guide-dog. The Labrador jumped up to a bench where black students were sitting and friendly wagged its tail. One of the students, Jacob, was the bravest to caress the dog. When the young man saw that the blind owner of the dog standing at a distance could not walk without the dog’s help he took the dog to Tamara. Jacob asked if he could take the woman home, but she refused and instead gave him her phone number. In several days, Tamara Pankova had a telephone call from Jacob who wanted to know if she had come home without any problems. Soon, the black student began to call Tamara regularly. The young man confessed that he came to the city a year ago, he had just few acquaintances there and felt absolutely lonely.

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