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Golden Day ዘመነ ፀሀይ

Sat Oct 01, 2005 11:53 am
Post subject: Golden Day
(by bati)
ዘመነ ፀሀይ .....
Sitting just by myself
for hours I,
Asking, but couldn't come
to me a single reply.

Crispy air, dark sky
and cloudless,
A bag full of twinkling
On such a night
watching the dazzling lights,
feeds pleasure
for the voracious eyes.
Asked, but couldn't come
a single reply,
Why? far away the
ዘመነ ፀሀይ .

Tiny-bitty death
called me some what,
So, I let 'em alone
by wishing a very good night.
stars, planets, moon,
and even the sun,
Gotta blessed me
above from heaven,
'Cuse all showed up quick
in my dream again.

Golden Day.......
Hanging on the sky
a cordless machine,
I saw my babe
rollin' up its spin,
At the very moment
she tried it again,
Gold coins poured down
as a heavy rain.

All my childhood streets
have flooded,
With countless coins
made of the finest gold.
people rushed for it
and collected some,
I was right there
sharing my share with 'em.
ክቡራት -ክቡራን
just allow me to say,
I Welcome you all to the
ዘመነ ፀሀይ .

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